An automotive dealership needs to maintain clear communications and unbeatable customer service, which can pose a challenge using an out-of-date telephone system. Auto dealerships require unique demands due to the complex structure and multiple business units that come with maintenance and running a successful automotive dealership. Features such as mobile applications, cell phone integration, CRM integrations, call reporting, automatic call routing ensure that you never miss a potential sale or another call again.

Unified Communications - Automotive Features

Technology – Automotive Edition is a fully Unified Communication solutions that benefit all employees across one or many dealerships.

Advanced Reporting – Reports can be viewed online or scheduled to be automatically emailed in order to track marketing campaigns, efficiency and productivity of sales and service teams.

Call Recording* – All calls can be recorded and archived for future retrieval and documentation. The recordings can be stored locally or using a web interface.

Digital Switchboard – The receptionist can route calls using an intuitive web interface, a desktop application, a physical switchboard phone, or a combination thereof. Using drag and drop technology a receptionist can more efficiently route calls to staff that will answer the phone assisted by presence display technology.

Mobile Integration – Integrating a cell phone with the CloudPBX will allow any staff to easily transfer to a mobile phone from their desk, effectively cutting the cord to the desk. Staff can then roam the floor and solve issues away from their desk. Once completed the call can then be retrieved back to the desk phone.

CloudPBX for iOS and Android – Using the free application will allow your staff to call clients or other staff using the phone system, displaying your dealership’s number. This keeps information private and reportable.

Never Miss a Call – We are well aware of the client acquisition costs for auto dealerships due to fierce competition. The CloudPBX advanced call routing and queues will ensure you never miss a call or a potential sale.

Voicemail To Text – Using Google’s AI platform, the system automatically translates all voicemails to text, so you can read your voicemails faster and get back to your customers faster and more efficiently.

Some of our clients

Automotive Specific CRM Integrations

Bring the Cloud on-site

For clients that prefer having on-site devices due to unavailability of reliable internet access or wishing to use analog services, our Cloud PBX software can be deployed locally on a server.

On-site appliance
Backup analog lines (2FXS)
All features of the cloud PBX at your location
No moving parts
2 USB 3.0 Ports
Up to 16 Calls