In a world where safety is a priority, the harsh reality is that most shootings transpire indoors – within classrooms, assembly areas, offices, and meeting spaces.

The alarming rise in violent incidents, especially in schools and public venues, calls for immediate action. Every second counts as these horrifying events unfold rapidly, often concluding before law enforcement arrives.

Vantact’s Lockdown Security System is engineered to drastically cut down the response time, ensuring a swift connection to authorities and securing the premises during critical moments.

Explore Vantact’s affordable, easy-to-install lockdown solution, tailored to your needs. With diverse activation options like wall-mounted emergency buttons, PC software, or telephone systems, our system is adaptable to both wired and wireless setups, making it a reliable choice for safeguarding your environment.




A lockdown is a crucial protocol activated during emergencies to secure premises. Initiated via secured push buttons, cell phone, or desktop, it controls access and communicates alerts across the facility.

Partial Lockdown: Only designated exits remain operable.
Full Lockdown: Movement is restricted to ensure safety.
Application Areas:

Schools: Procedures keep students and staff safe, adapting to evolving safety protocols.
Correctional Facilities: Controls inmate movement, preventing unrest or managing emergencies.
Hospitals: Regulates access during crises like power failures, natural disasters, or security threats, ensuring the safety and security of all occupants.

Your Suite of Safety Measures:

  1. Geo-zoned automatic door locking.
  2. Card access disablement for re-entry.
  3. Emergency lighting and strobe activation.
  4. Instant notifications via email, call, or text.
  5. Automated announcements over the paging system.
  6. Alarm and emergency system engagement.
  7. Customizable escalation protocols.
  8. Strobe lighting indoors and outdoors.
  9. Card readers illuminate in red.
  10. Visitor intercoms disabled.
  11. Public display monitors shift.
  12. Phone system dials predefined contacts.
  13. Alarm panel activation.
  14. Surveillance notifications and live video.
  15. Parking gateway control.
  16. Stand-by lighting mode.

Our Lockdown buttons are housed in tamper-proof enclosures with self-alarm features, integrating seamlessly with your existing fire alarm systems, access controls, bells, mobile devices, and other third-party components of your choice.

Your Safety Protocol in Action:

  1. A simple button-press activates the alarm.
  2. Emergency responders are instantly alerted, receiving crucial details and location data.
  3. Doors automatically lock or unlock based on preset zones and rules.
  4. Specified light flashes guide emergency personnel to the alarm source.
  5. A pre-recorded lockdown message sounds over the PA system, with optional alarm horn activation.
  6. Custom alerts appear on TVs, monitors, and other connected displays.
  7. Phones exhibit the lockdown message and play an audible alert.
  8. Upon area clearance by emergency personnel, alarms cease and an “All Clear” announcement broadcasts over the PA system.