Downloads and Tools

All these programs have been verified to be virus and adware-free. Vantact does not take any responsibility, nor does it support any of the programs listed on the website.

These programs are 3rd party and all respective copyrights belong to the owner of said files. If you have any questions or comments, please contact one of our support agents.

IP SoftPhones

VANTACT Softphone Lite

Vantact softphone for Windows is a free and simple to use softphone. It can be used to make and receive phone calls directly from your Windows PC. Lite-weight, easy to use intuitive interface, & high quality calls. [Setup Guide]


Network Support Tools


Checker Find out if there are more than one DHCP server on your network. This is a common issue which affects network devices. Using this software will allow you to find if there are rogue servers that need to be removed from the network.


IP Scanner

Scan for all devices on your network. See used IPs and the associated devices.


SIP ALG Tester

This application will test your network configuration to ensure that it is optimally set up for voice communication protocols to correctly traverse firewalls and other network settings.