Deploying a voice-over-IP or a hosted PBX service in your office is not only cost effective telecommunication solution, but more times more practical than traditional analog lines. But before you deploy, there should be a few precautions to ensure a smooth transition.

Bandwidth. Since the telephone system runs over your internet connection, you must ensure that the speed of your connection allows sufficient bandwidth to ensure a smooth a clear conversation. Use the tool below, and calculate on average 0.04mbps (40kbps) per ongoing telephone conversation.

Router. This is the brains of the operation. Ensure that your router is compatible with SIP and that all SIP ALG (application layer gateway) are disabled.

Quality of Service. If you do not dedicate a connection specifically for the IP PBX, ensure that Q.O.S is setup on the router, prioritizing SIP traffic.
Uninterruptible power supplies. In the even that power goes out, you can continue using the phones by using a UPS batter backup system for your networking equipment.