Your company doesn’t need to be a desk company. More and more business owners run their business from their cell phone. Don’t let your clients think you are a small company just because of the way you pick up. You need our mobile office solution


  • Keep your existing number.  Your number is your brand
  • Toll Free Numbers or Local numbers Represent a national presence or a local one
  • No Hardware. Push your calls to one, or many cell phone numbers.
  • Extension. Give extensions to all your employees, or simply split them up in departments, the choice is yours.
  • Auto Attendants. Your digital interactive voice recorder can point your callers to the right extension every time.
  • Faxes. Receive your faxes straight to your email, check them on the go, or print them at your leisure.
  • Digital Voice mails. Receive your voice mails in your email, listen them on your mobile phone
  • Setup Conference

It's easy...

  1. Pick a telephone number or port yours in
  2. Record your custom main greeting
  3. Add extensions for departments, or employees
  4. Receive the calls you want, wherever you or your employees are.