In response to the COVID19 situation, we at Vantact would like to offer our support through this tough and uncertain time. Government health officials and health professionals are recommending staff quarantine themselves if they display any symptoms. More pro-actively, many businesses are requiring their employees to work from home.  We would like to remind our users that Vantact’s Cloud Communication system helps businesses continue operations while keeping your families and staff safe.

Your desk phones are portable
All activated phones can be moved to remote locations. Take your phone and connect it to an internet connection at a different location, and it will automatically connect.

Mobile phones
Your extension can be installed on your mobile phone. Download our app, install and configure your extension. You will then be able to call, receive calls, transfer calls, check your voicemail directly from your cell phone wherever you are. [See how]

On your PC
Your extension can be installed on your desktop or laptop where you can communicate using your headset and microphone. [See how]

Ring Along to another phone
Your home phone or cell phone can be synced with your extension. The phone system can call another phone number simultaneously so you can answer calls from a different location.

Voicemail To Email
Receive your voicemails in your email so you can listen to your voicemails remotely.

Check your voicemails from a remote location
You can call your extension and check your voicemails remotely. [See how]

We remain committed to supporting all our users and VANTACT operations will not be affected.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all the health and public officials that are working around the clock to keep all of us safe.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.