What is a softphone?

A softphone refers to the software (app) that is used to make calls through your VoIP service. It’s an application that completes phone calls.

In contrast, a desk phone refers to the physical phone that sits at your desk. Either method can be used to make calls through your cloud-based system.

What is a PBX phone system?

PBX is an acronym for Private Branch Exchange. A PBX is a private phone system that allows phones in a building to dial other phones and optionally dial outside.

What happens if the Vantact network goes down?

Vantact maintains a 99.999% uptime, which is equivalent to less than six minutes of downtime per year. We have several data centers across the U.S. and Canada to maintain this high degree of availability.

This redundancy protects against fraud and natural disasters that impact business continuity. Nextiva has network engineers that monitor the entire network 24/7.

How can I guarantee call quality?

The first step to improve call quality is to use an Ethernet connection (CAT5e or CAT6). Using Quality of Service (QoS) will help guarantee call quality. It can help minimize voice latency and prioritize bandwidth to your calls.

Without getting into the technical details, voice latency can cause interrupted calls. However, with Quality of Service, you will have sufficient bandwidth allocated to your voice calls.

If you are a small business owner, you probably won’t need to use QoS. It’s more likely to be used by organizations that handle high concurrent call volumes.

Can the VoIP function over a wireless internet connection?

Yes, your VoIP service can work well over wireless internet connections. However, you will need to ensure that you are getting a strong Wi-Fi signal.

Wi-Fi itself tends to be susceptible to interference resulting in a momentary drop of a signal. You can use Wi-Fi successfully, but you need a strong signal.

How fast does my mobile internet need to be to handle VoIP calls on my smartphone?

With a strong wireless 4G LTE connection, your smartphone can handle calls with HD call quality. It’s less about the speed, but the variance in network latency—often called jitter.

In most cases, a 3G signal is sufficient for a satisfactory VoIP call. In cases of weak cellular signal, you may opt for a stable Wi-Fi connection instead.

Can I keep our toll-free number if I switch to VoIP?

Yes, you can keep it and have it forward all calls to your new cloud communication numbers. This way, your callers will be able to call your toll-free number, while you will be able to receive calls via the internet. Vantact also has lower rates than traditional line providers.

How can I avoid two phone bills when I switch to Vantact?

You can cancel your old phone service in most cases. Once Vantact has ported your phone number, you can confidently give your old provider one last call to terminate service.

Be sure to confirm you’re ready to go with your new VoIP provider, so you don’t have any issues.