What other features does Vantact offer?

There is a multitude of business features that will improve the quality of life and productivity of your business.

  • Advanced Call Forwarding allows you to set conditions to forward calls to another phone number.
  • Anonymous Call Rejection empowers you to reject calls from people who restrict their identities.
  • Directed Call Pickup enables you to answer a call that is ringing on someone else’s line.

What types of analytics reports do you offer?

Vantact provides analytics and reporting for both your calls.e.

You’ll get a real-time overview of your customer’s data, plus the ability to create your dashboards.

With Vantact, you’ll also be able to create reports based on:

  • User calls
  • Call duration
  • Inbound, outbound call volume
  • Average calls per day, per user
  • Number of calls answered
  • Average talk time

What is an Auto Attendant?

You can view an auto attendant as a virtual receptionist that directs callers to the correct people or departments.

You have probably experienced it before. When a customer calls, they will be greeted by a recorded greeting, which then directs the caller to press a key, depending on what they need.

For example, your auto attendant could tell callers to “Press 1 for accounts, press 2 for Customer Service, or press 3 for technical help.”

It saves time by directing users to the right department without unwanted transfers throughout the day. Vantact’s multi-level auto attendant functions 24/7 and can adjust the options depending on the time of day, too.

What is the “Music on Hold” feature?

Music on Hold is a VoIP feature that allows you to play music when your call is on hold or sitting in the call queue.

This feature also allows you to play recorded marketing messages. Instead of playing background music, you can broadcast special discounts or promotions.

You can also record information that would be of value to your customers and hold while they’re waiting on the line (and discourage them from hanging up).

Does Vantact support conference calls?

Yes, Vantact provides conference calling capabilities.

Vantact conference calls let you control your conference call with powerful admin features. For instance, you can record conference calls, send calendar invites, and more.

For higher capacity and more conference bridges, contact Vantact to add them to your account for a modest fee.

Can I record calls?

Vantact includes call recording on a per call basis. Meaning you can press the Record button on your phone, or dial a predefined star code.

If you would like to record all calls, inbound and outbound, Vantact offers this feature at an additional cost.

What is the Barge-In feature?

The Barge-In feature allows supervisors to listen in as a call is happening. Supervisors can also choose to interject into the conversation or take over the call.

The Barge-In feature is one of the favorites of many business owners as it can provide live training for new employees.

What is Voicemail-to-Text?

Voicemail-to-Text is a feature we offer in our cloud communications plans, which can be a game-changer if you’re often busy or on the move.

Any voicemail messages you receive can be automatically transcribed then sent to you via email.

This premium feature leaves a digital paper trail that you can follow up with later or use to make notes in your calendar. Each Voicemail to Text line has an additional cost.

What is the Shared Call Appearance feature?

Shared Call Appearance is a feature that allows multiple phones to have a phone line assigned to it. If a user has many phones, they can all use the same line.

You can take calls from a specific number over multiple phones or locations. Shared Call Appearance is better for people with more than one place where they regularly conduct business.